Synopsis: “The Lost Thing”, nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Short category, successfully encompasses every human emotion. Directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan, the film tells an ageless and timeless story of a young boy who discovers a lost thing- a creature who does not look or behave the same way as everyone else does. The boy then embarks on a mission to find a loving home for the lost thing, refusing to settle for just any place. In only 15 minutes, this wonderful film reminds us that although we may feel alone at times, it is not a permanent state of being. The boy’s innocent and kind-hearted belief that the lost thing (and everyone) should have a place to call home makes this magical story of acceptance a journey worth traveling along. In the film, viewers are introduced to a plethora of “things.” Each one is uniquely animated and marvelous to look at. The imagination that went into this film which is full of heart and charm pays off in a major way.