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Mixed Media Spotlight: Seth’s Dominion

Synopsis: Seth’s Dominion, part animation and part live action, is a documentary about Canadian cartoonist Seth, best known for his Palookaville comic books.

Seth produces semi-autobiographical comics, award-winning commercial work, as well as what he calls his “little hobbies.”

Director Luc Chamberland mixes insightful biography with vivid animation in an artful fusion of filmmaking techniques that perfectly captures Seth’s creative universe.

Mixed Media Spotlight: The Discarded

Written and directed by veteran animator Uli Meyer, whose credits include the classics Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

Synopsis: A character designer struggles with the design of a cartoon cat and ends up on a short trip through the looking glass.

Meyer shared some behind the scenes information about his hybrid short film:

These are the 10 stages I may go through when designing a character. Followed by a trip through the looking glass. Maybe my fellow character designers can relate?

Last year I thought it might be fun to make a short piece that can be filmed with little expense and includes a bit of Roger Rabbit style animation. Something my kids can remember me by.

We shot the live action at my building over a weekend with a small talented crew. But then it took me forever to add the animation due to ongoing daytime commitments. With the help of some of my animation friends it is now finally finished, phew!

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