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Short Film Spotlight: Crab Day

Update: The short film is temporarily offline, so here’s the trailer.

Crab Day, winner of a BAFTA, is directed by Ross Stringer, written by Aleksandra Sykulak and produced by Bartosz Stanislawek.

Synopsis: As part of a fishing community’s annual ritual, a young boy must kill his first crab in order to become a man and gain his father’s approval.

Short Film Spotlight: The Night Doctrine

Directed by Mauricio Rodríguez Pons and Almudena Toral.

Synopsis: The Night Doctrine traces the story of Lynzy Billing, a young British journalist of Afghan-Pakistani origins who returns to Afghanistan to find out who killed her family 30 years earlier, only to stumble upon a secretive U.S.-backed program killing hundreds of civilians.

Short Film Spotlight: Hold Me Tight

Written and directed by Leoluna Robert-Tourneur.

Synopsis: In the heart of a dark forest, while hunting, two silhouettes meet. These creatures move like predators, they attract and repel each other, seducing each other during an explosive parade. Hold Me Tight is a flamboyant and bitter romance where the violent attraction of the characters puts them in danger.

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