Silas Lesnick over at Collider had the wonderful opportunity to interview Neil Gaiman, author of Coraline, among many other notable works. The interview is quite enjoyable, covering everything from the upcoming Coraline movie to the rumors that he is writing an episode of “Doctor Who”. Below is a snippet from the interview:

Collider: [Coraline’s] story always reminded somewhat of “Alice in Wonderland”; […] Do you see the story as something that could stick around and have, over years and years, more adaptations?

Neil: I don’t know if, as an author, you’re ever allowed to ponder that. The joy for me with “Coraline” is watching the number of adaptations it’s already had and that it keeps getting. I mean, there’s been puppet theater. Places like Poland and Prague have been doing puppet versions of “Coraline”. There’s a musical version coming out in June with Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields and the Gothic Archies doing the music. Which all sounds 180 degrees from everything that Henry [Selick] did and still sounds amazing. Coraline is played by a large, 50 year-old lady. The Other Mother is a drag queen. It just sounds awesome.

Read the full interview over at Collider.