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Short Film Spotlight: Mickey Mouse in Captain Donald

Classic Cartoon Spotlight: Donald Duck in ‘The New Spirit’

Funded and approved by the US Department of Treasury in 1943, The New Spirit was made to encourage Americans to pay their taxes.

Donald Duck in ‘Trick Or Treat’ (1952)

Mickey’s Storybook Surprises DVD

Mickey and his pals Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto star in this new Playhouse Disney production where classic fairytales are retold, giving each their own individual twist. There are spells, 100-year sleeps and magical frogs awaiting you on this new DVD, available September 2nd. Bonus features include: “Tales from Toodles” interactive story telling; and never-before-seen episode of “Minnie’s Mystery”.


Donald Duck in ‘Duck Pimples’ (1945)

Donald Duck reads a novel and gets so fully involved in it that it appears that the characters are actually coming out of the book and into his living room getting him involved in the murder caper!

Banned Cartoon: Donald Duck in ‘Der Fuehrer’s Face’

What do you get when you cross Donald Duck and Nazis? A banned cartoon, that’s what!

Banned Cartoon: The Spirit of 43

Nothing like a tax propaganda cartoon. This one’s from Disney and features Donald Duck.

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