With the arrival of Kung Fu Panda 3, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has re-released DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2, in what they’re calling “Ultimate Edition of Awesomeness.” But just how awesome are these re-releases? The answer: A skadoosh amount! Read the entire review after the page break.


Starring Jack Black as Po, Kung Fu Panda tells the origin story of a lovable panda as he becomes China’s Dragon Warrior. Joining him on his quest are the Furious Five, voiced by Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, and David Cross. Dustin Hoffman also co-stars as Shifu, Po’s mentor. The entire cast does a tremendous job, although I would’ve liked some more Jackie Chan, who barely has any lines.

Having conquered the role of Dragon Warrior, Kung Fu Panda 2 sees Po and the Furious Five put their training to the test as they battle and protect their town from the evil Lord Shen, voiced by the great Gary Oldman. If you like action, Kung Fu Panda 2 is packed with non-stop Kung Fu battles, chases and explosions that will leave you in a state of euphoria. Kung Fu Panda 2 also features the voices of Danny McBride and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The re-release of these films include plenty of bonus features, the most exciting being an all-new 22 minute adventure, “Secret of the Scroll.” Other bonuses included on the bonus DVD (which comes with both Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2) are: Martial Arts Awesomeness Music Video, Mash-Up of Awesomeness: Slo-Mo, Mash-Up of Blunders, and an Exclusive Sneak Peek of Kung Fu Panda 3 with an introduction by Jack Black.

Both films are beautifully animated, hilarious, and fun for the entire family. I highly recommend you pick these up; you won’t be disappointment. The Ultimate Edition of Awesomeness releases are available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD. The DVD includes a Digital HD copy, while the Blu-ray includes both a DVD and Digital HD copy – so the best deal is definitely the Blu-ray version. But regardless of what version you choose, you’ll be treated to two of the best animated films ever made.

Make sure you all go watch Kung Fu Panda 3, in theaters now.