Samsung has figured out the secret to a viral video hit: combine a slick netbook and claymation. Check out this awesome video made to promote Samsung’s new netbook, the N310.

Full credits after the break.


Client: Samsung Electronics
Product: Samsung Mini-Notebook N310
Title: Samsung Mini-Notebook N310 Desktop Claymation
Media: Viral/Internet
Agency: The Viral Factory
Creative: The Viral Factory
Production Company: The Viral Factory
Animation Production Co: Triffic Films
Director: The Viral Factory
Animation Director &Compositor:Luke Robinson
Producer: Jon Stopp
Animation Producer :Tim Searle
Lighting Cameraman:Geoff Robbins
Animators:Andy Dawson Martin Pullen Mike Please Tobias Fouracre
Designers / Modellers:Tim Fancourt (Little Tim) ,Jon Lendrum,Gareth
Davies (Garf)
Assistants:Sean Sears,Martin Sardar
Animation Production Coordinator:Hilarie Mendel
Animation Studio Manager:Shaun Blake
Seeding & digital media planning:The Viral Factory