Chowder creator C. H. Greenblatt has confirmed that Carton Network has canceled the show, currently in post-production of its third season. Greenblatt jokes on his blog, “I haven’t had a break like this in a long, long time. Now I can relax and do all sorts of fun things like finish Final Fantasy XII since I need something to quell my occasional World of Warcraft tremors.”

Don’t count Greenblatt out though, as he’s got new show ideas already in development: “Chowder has opened up a lot of awesome possibilities for me, and creatively I’m feeling more inspired than ever. There are some new ideas I’m working on that will hopefully find a good home somewhere in the next year.”

Lastly, Greenblatt addresses Chowder’s future: “We’re still finishing up lots of good episodes. I think you’ll see that we hit a really good groove third season. My biggest worry before we were cancelled was what would happen to the crew, but luckily, a large chunk of them got hired over at Disney on a new project.”


Via Daily Cartoonist