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‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ Season 3 Official Trailer, Release Date and Synopsis

Release date: April 5, 2024 on Crunchyroll.

Synopsis: Rimuru has officially become a Demon Lord after defeating Clayman. Following Walpurgis, the Demon Lords’ banquet, Rimuru’s domain is expanded to include the entire Great Forest of Jura. Anticipating a flood of representatives from all races showing up to pay their respects, Rimuru decides to throw a festival to commemorate the opening of Tempest, using it as an opportunity to gain new citizens and present Demon Lord Rimuru to the world.

Meanwhile, in the Holy Empire of Lubelius, home base of the monster-hating cult of Luminism, Holy Knight Captain Hinata receives a message from Rimuru. But the message is actually a fabricated declaration of war sent by some unknown party. Upon learning that Hinata is heading for Tempest, Rimuru makes a decision… Thus begins a new challenge for Rimuru, striving to distinguish friend from foe in a pursuit of the ideal nation where humans and monsters can prosper together.

Directed by Atsushi Nakayama. Written by Toshizo Nemoto.

‘Dan Da Dan’ Official Japanese Trailer: Paranormal Anime Coming to Crunchyroll and Netflix

Dan Da Dan premieres October, 2024 on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Directed by Fuga Yamashiro. Written by Hiroshi Seko.

Synopsis: This is a story about Momo, a high school girl who comes from a family of spirit mediums, and her classmate Okarun, an occult fanatic.

After Momo rescues Okarun from being bullied, they begin talking. However, an argument ensues between them since Momo believes in ghosts but denies aliens exist, and Okarun believes in aliens but denies ghosts exist.

To prove to each other what they believe in is real, Momo goes to an abandoned hospital where a UFO has been spotted and Okarun goes to a tunnel rumored to be haunted. To their surprise, they each encounter overwhelming paranormal activities that transcend comprehension.

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