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Disney’s Tangled Teaser Trailer

Check out the first teaser trailer for Disney’s Tangled (formerly known as Rapunzel), in theaters November 24, 2010.

Behind the scenes of ‘Alice in Wonderland’

In theaters March 5, 2010.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ Clip: Tea Party

In theaters March 5, 2010.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ Clip: Potion Making

In theaters March 5, 2010.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ Clip: Off With His Head

In theaters March 5, 2010.

Short film spotlight: Heart

A little heart creature is looking for any kind of love in an urban environment. Directed by Laurent Clermont.

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Trailer #3

In theaters March 26, 2010.

Interview with DreamWorks Animation’s Dan Satterthwaite

Dan Satterthwaite is currently working as Head of HR for DreamWorks and is responsible for developing and supporting the team behind their newest movie, How to Train Your Dragon, in theatres March 26. In an exclusive interview with MeetTheBoss TV Dan speaks about his challenges and how he overcomes them to keep a creative team motivated.

“It takes three to three and a half years to produce one of our films, and most of our artists spend anywhere from 18 months to 2 years within their particular department working on a project.” Dan continues “How do you keep them constantly inspired?”

Check out the complete interview over at MeetTheBoss TV. It’s an interesting look at a company’s inner-workings, which are usually hidden behind closed doors.


‘Alice in Wonderland’ Clip: Clothe This Girl

In theaters March 5, 2010.

‘Koochie Koochie Hota Hai’ Trailer

Koochie Koochie Hota Hai is an upcoming Bollywood film that will be released in Summer 2010. It is the most expensive animated Indian film ever produced.

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