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First look at Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is a hybrid live-action/performance capture animated film that is a semi-sequel to the original Alice in Wonderland tale. Alice, now 17 years old, attends a dinner party only to find out she will be proposed to in front of hundreds of people. Afraid, she runs, following a white rabbit to Wonderland, the place she visited 10 years before but doesn’t remember.

Johnny Depp stars as the Mad Hatter, while Mia Wasikowska plays the titular character. Rounding out the cast are Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen. The rest of the cast includes Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Stephen Fry as The Cheshire Cat, Christopher Lee as the Jabberwock, Crispin Glover as The Knave of Hearts and Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar.

The film will arrive in theaters March 5, 2010. [More images]


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New ‘9’ video

In theaters: 9/9/09

Synopsis: When 9 (Elijah Wood) first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world. All humans are gone, and it is only by chance that he discovers a small community of others like him taking refuge from fearsome machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction. Despite being the neophyte of the group, 9 convinces the others that hiding will do them no good. They must take the offensive if they are to survive, and they must discover why the machines want to destroy them in the first place. As they’ll soon come to learn, the very future of civilization may depend on them.

Tim Burton speaks about ‘Alice in Wonderland’

The LA Times has an interview with Tim Burton in which he discusses his projects, including Alice in Wonderland — a retelling of the classic story as only Burton could.

It’s a funny project. The story is obviously a classic with iconic images and ideas and thoughts. But with all the movie versions, well, I’ve just never seen one that really had any impact to me. It’s always just a series of weird events. Every character is strange and she’s just kind of wandering through all of the encounters as just a sort of observer. The goal is to try to make it an engaging movie where you get some of the psychology and kind of bring a freshness but also keep the classic nature of ‘Alice.’ And, you know, getting to do it in 3-D fits the material quite well. So I’m excited about making it a new version but also have the elements that people expect when they think of the material.


Tim Burton to direct Alice in Wonderland remake

Walt Disney has signed director Tim Burton to a two-picture deal to make Alice in Wonderland and Frankenweenie.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will be a performance-capture, live-action adaptation written by Linda Woolverton who also wrote The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. The film will start production early next year so don’t expect to see it until late 2009 at the earliest.

Following Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton will direct and produce a feature version of his 1984 short Frankenweenie. The stop-motion feature follows a dog that is brought back from the dead by its devoted owner.

Johnny Depp has signed on as the Mad Hatter.



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