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Disney’s A Christmas Carol: “The Event” Featurette

In theaters November 6, 2009.

‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ Trailer #2

In theaters November 13, 2009.

Two brand new ‘Princess and the Frog’ clips

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog begins exclusively at the Walt Disney Studios Theater in Burbank and Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on November 25th and arrives in theaters nationwide on December 11th. For now, check out these two brand new clips:

‘A Christmas Carol’ Trailer #2

In theaters November 6, 2009.

Short film spotlight: Training

Another video from the talented folks over at Wujoco Animation, titled “Training,” featuring two feuding super heroes.

‘Angel Vitamina’ trailer

WUJOCO ANIMATION (a gathering of artists from Argentina) completed the first trailer for ANGEL VITAMINA, an independent project, and a glimpse of an idea of a potentially full length animated movie.

The Cleveland Show: Behind the Scenes

The Cleveland Show premieres Sunday, Sep. 27 at 8:30 PM on FOX.

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Shortfilm spotlight: Cardboard

Check out this amazing student graduation animation by Sjors Vervoort. Animation and design by Sjors Vervoort. Sound and SFX by Steven Aerts. Made in the Netherlands in 2009.

Interview with The Simpsons’ Al Jean

The fine folks over at TV Squad have interviewed The Simpsons’ Executive Producer/Showrunner Al Jean. Below is an excerpt:

What’s coming up for this season?

Al Jean: The 27th we have our premiere, starring Seth Rogen, and he co-wrote the script. And it’s an episode where Comic Book Guy creates a character called Everyman who gets the power of any comic book he touches. And they try to make a Dark Knight-type of movie out of it because they’re so desperate for any new characters. And Comic Book Guy has casting approval, so he says that Homer gets to be the lead. And Homer gets a trainer who quits, so Homer’s weight fluctuates wildly from scene to scene. You see him muscular and then you see him flying through the air fat with a sandwich, and it’s a pretty terrible movie. And the issue is whether Comic Book Guy is going to give it a bad review, because that’s what he does, or whether he’s going to sell out to Hollywood.


Adventure Time

Check out this short, which is being made into a Cartoon Network series, premiering in 2010.

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