Interview with the director of Disney’s Enchanted

The folks over at Animated Views got a chance to interview Enchanted’s director, Kevin Lima, and executive producer, Chris Chase.

Animated Views: You’re well-known for being one of the key-artists in Disney’s revival during the 90s. How do you see that period now?

Kevin Lima: I’ve never quite thought of myself in those terms. I think what we, as a group were trying to do, really, was making movies that we loved, and I think, for most of us, that goes back to redefining what we looked at when we were children. And it’s especially true for me. I know that I mostly make movies about things that affected me as a child and things that I fantasized about when I was a child. I’m trying to put that into what I do as an adult and I think that’s really what we all tried to do: look back to our past, remember what we loved when we were children and try to put that on screen.

Head on over to Animated Views to check out the lengthy interview.


03/21/2008 | Interviews | Comments

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