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Nickelodeon’s Frosty Fridays lineup

Nickelodeon has announced its annual lineup of holiday programming, featuring five never-before-seen episodes of Nick Jr.’s Max & Ruby, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Yo Gabba Gabba! and Nickelodeon’s Wayside. During Frosty Fridays throughout December the network will present new holiday episodes every Friday from 12:00 – 2:00 pm ET/PT.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 22, Nickelodeon’s “Ha-Ha Holidays” celebration will feature holiday-themed episodes weekdays at 4:00 pm (ET/PT) of popular Nicktoons. In addition, Nickelodeon will also present holiday programming on Tuesday, Dec. 25. from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET/PT.



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Beowulf debuts at number one

The performance-capture animated Beowulf debuted at number one this weekend with $28.1 million. 40 percent of that amount came from special 3-D showings in regular theaters and on Imax screens.

The film earned $8 million on 638 screens equipped with RealD technology, which uses a special reflective screen and polarized lens glasses that moviegoers can take as a souvenir. $3.6 million was earned on 84 Imax screens showing the film using their own 3-D technology.

In the number two spot was DreamWorks Animation’s Bee Movie with $14.3 million.

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South Park earns best ratings since 1998

The 11th season of Comedy Central’s South Park has earned its best ratings since 1998. This season was watched by 3.6 million total viewers, up 4% from last year’s 10th anniversary season.

The series posted a 2.3 rating among Persons 18-49 which was its best performance since 2000 in this key demographic. Year-to-date, South ParK is the #1 original series in cable among Men 18-24, Men 18-34 and Men 18-49.

Congrats to Matt Stone and Trey Parker.


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New WALL-E poster released

Pixar has released a new poster for their upcoming film WALL-E which is set to hit theaters on June 27, 2008. Check it out below:


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Tim Burton to direct Alice in Wonderland remake

Walt Disney has signed director Tim Burton to a two-picture deal to make Alice in Wonderland and Frankenweenie.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will be a performance-capture, live-action adaptation written by Linda Woolverton who also wrote The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. The film will start production early next year so don’t expect to see it until late 2009 at the earliest.

Following Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton will direct and produce a feature version of his 1984 short Frankenweenie. The stop-motion feature follows a dog that is brought back from the dead by its devoted owner.

Johnny Depp has signed on as the Mad Hatter.



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In a race against time, a worm father must save his family from a speeding bullet. Based on a famous photo by Harold Edgerton.

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The Dogfather

Here’s a parody animation short of The Godfather movie done by a final year University student.

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DreamWorks Animations signs deal with IMAX

IMAX and DreamWorks Animation announced a deal to release the studio’s first three 3-D motion pictures worldwide in IMAX 3-D. The IMAX 3-D releases will include Monsters vs. Aliens in March 2009, How to Train Your Dragon in November 2009 and Shrek Goes Fourth in May 2010. A fourth DreamWorks Animation title, Kung Fu Panda, will be released in IMAX’s 2-D format in June 2008.

The IMAX 3-D titles are expected to be among the first presented with IMAX’s digital 3-D projection system, which is scheduled to be launched beginning June 2008. This is IMAX’s first multiple 3-D picture deal with a Hollywood studio. The 3-D titles also will be simultaneously released to conventional digital 3-D theaters.



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Fox continues Family Guy without its creator

Fox will continue to work on new episodes of Family Guy its creator/exec producer Seth MacFarlane, who is currently on strike. Seth MacFarlane has been quoted as saying, “I hope they don’t do it” and that going ahead without him would hurt his relationship with the studio.

According to sources, there are three episodes close to completion and several other episodes in various stages of development. We can assume that the voices for these episodes have already been recorded because Seth himself voices the majority of the characters.


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Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis nabs 8.8 million viewers

Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis, which aired Monday, Nov. 12, 8:00 pm, nabbed the series’ biggest audience ever, with 8.8 million total viewers tuning in to the watch the first-ever Spongebob TV movie.

The special broadcast led Nick to its highest rated total day of the year with kids 2-11 and kids 6-11, and ranked overall with total viewers as the number-one cable entertainment program of the evening. Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis is now available on TurboNick and on DVD.


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Shrek the Third debuts on DVD and HD DVD

DreamWorks Animations’ Shrek the Third is now available on HD DVD and standard DVD. If you plan on getting it, try to get it this week. New releases tend be on sale during their first week.

The DVD version includes hours of bonus material such as “Shrek’s Guide to Parenthood,” where viewers receive parental advice from Donkey, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and Gingy. Another cool feature included is “Shrek Shmash-Ups,” which allows viewers to choose and mix scenes from all three Shrek films and put them to music.

The HD DVD version includes a number of interactive and web-enabled features. “The Animators’ Corner” is an interactive, picture-in-picture experience featuring storyboards relevant to the scenes on screen. “My Menus” are customizable character-themed menus; “Shrek’s Trivia Track” features pop-up fun facts; and “Donkey’s Digital Coloring Book” is an interactive coloring book that allows viewers to digitally paint their favorite scenes.


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Bee Movie moves up to number one spot

Just as I predicted last week, DreamWorks Animation’s Bee Movie has taken the number one spot away from “American Gangster”, which dropped to the number two spot.

This weekend’s top 10 movies were:

1 Bee Movie with $26,000,000 bringing it total so far to $72,214,000
2 American Gangster
3 Fred Claus
4 Lions for Lambs
5 Dan in Real Life
6 Saw IV
7 The Game Plan
8 P2
9 30 Days of Night
10 Martian Child


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